AUGUST Workshop Schedule

Monday August 3: Icebreakers and drama games
--> Get to know your staff and fellow campers through fun icebreakers and play some exciting drama games!

Tuesday August 4: Nail Your Audition!
--> Learn everything you need to know to have a successful audition, whether it is for school, a community theatre production, or the big leagues! This also includes a completely optional opportunity to receive feedback from your staff on a song or monologue that you're working on! 
(Please also note that those who attended our Auditioning 101 workshop in July will have the opportunity to expand upon the skills they developed last time!)

Wednesday August 5: Script Writing
--> What would a show be without a script? Learn all the tips and tricks to writing an awesome script, then write one yourself! We will then perform these on Hollywood Day!

Thursday August 6: Prop and Set Making
--> It's time to get CRAFTY! In this workshop, we will be making some sets and props to be used on Hollywood Day!

Friday August 7: Hollywood Day
--> Lights, camera, ACTION! Our first theme day for August is HOLLYWOOD DAY! Dress up as a movie star, director, or even the red carpet itself! We will be using the scripts, props, and sets from the previous workshops to perform some amazing scenes, then we will learn a fun dance!

Monday August 10: There are No Small Roles - Working as an Ensemble
--> A show is all about its ensemble! Learn how to work as a team and bond with your fellow cast members through fun games and activities!

Tuesday August 11: Getting Down with Warming Up!
--> This workshop is all about learning how to properly warm yourself up for whatever musical theatre activities you have in store. This includes warming up your body for dancing, your voice for singing, and a combination of everything for acting!

Wednesday August 12: Mask Making
--> Our second week's craft will be MASK MAKING! Learn how to make a colourful and creative mask with any craft supplies you have at home!

Thursday August 13: Tap Dancing 101
--> It's time to tap to the top! Tap dancing is such a special skill to have in musical theatre; join us as we learn all of the basics! All you need are running shoes and ideally some sort of hard surface to dance on!

Friday August 14: FAR FAR AWAY FRIDAY (Outer Space Day)
--> Our second theme day  is going to be OUTER SPACE! This program will be out of this world. Come dressed up in the theme and join us as we learn a dance and play some games!

Monday August 17: Improve your Improv!
--> This workshop is aimed to help you gain skills in improv! Learn everything you need to know in order to thrive and have fun improvising on stage!

Tuesday August 18: Singing for Musical Theatre
--> Do you love to sing? Are you nervous about singing and maybe need a confidence boost? Join us as we learn all about vocal technique and performance in musical theatre. Bring a song and we'll help you belt it out!

Wednesday August 19: Costume Design
--> Have you ever wondered what it's like to design costumes for theatre? For this workshop, we will be welcoming a SPECIAL GUEST who will share their experiences and teach us how to design some epic costumes!

Thursday August 20: Let's Get Physical - Exploring the Physical Elements of Performance
--> A performer can say so much without speaking a single word! Learn all about telling a story and developing character through your physicality! Let's get moving and grooving!

Friday August 21: STORYBOOK DAY
--> For our last day of camp, we will be jumping into the pages of your favourite storybooks! Dress up as a character from a book or fairytale, learn a fun dance, and maybe even act out some fairytales with a TWIST!