The Due Date is Set


The Library Chronicles is a site-specific 4-play experience that will be produced in KFPL’s Central Branch. Five of Kingston’s top theatre companies (1 oversight, 4 producers) will each produce/perform 30 minute commissioned plays concurrently in and across the many nooks and crannies of the library. Audiences will follow actors through the many secret corners and hidden floors of the historic location, wherever the stories may lead them. Logistically-speaking, audiences comprised of a max of 20 people and are led by a “guide”, following one play at a time. Each audience member will see two of the four shows on any given night. (Each play is performed twice in the evening.) Ticket-buyers will be assigned to a track upon arrival at the show.  


October 3rd-6th 
October 9th-13th
October 16th-20th 

Shows at 7:00pm at the Central Branch of the Kingston Public Library, 130 Johnson St.

 The Companies