Viva Voce: Apply to be a storyteller

If you are interested in performing a story at Viva Voce, just fill out the form below and press submit! Our curators hold short interviews, mainly to discuss your story, how you wish to present it, and what you may need from us for support. 

There is no experience required to tell a story at Viva Voce, and remember you can present in any way you wish:  oral storytelling, poetry, dance, theatre performance, singing, music, slide show, paintings, etc. Each instalment has a theme and we just ask that you interpret the theme in your own way and somehow relate your story back to it. Any and all forms of story telling are accepted as we strive for a mix at each event!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at

Viva Voce: Unwind

We are now accepting storyteller applications for our next Viva Voce coming up November 24th! Please fill out the application form below. Your story does not need to be complete to apply to Viva Voce, we just want a general overview of what you're looking to do. 

Application Deadline: November 9th 
Dress Rehearsal: Morning of November 24th (99 York st.)

Viva Voce Storyteller Application

What style of storytelling will you use? (You can select more than one)