Viva Voce is a storytelling coffeehouse event, produced by Blue Canoe and the Kingston Frontenac Public Library. This event is an evening of coffeehouse-style storytelling, youth select or write stories connected to a theme and perform them in any storytelling style such as traditional storytelling, singing, dancing, performing, etc. Viva Voce was created in 2014 by Tiana Prince and Alex Oliver, who curated the event for the following year before handing off curating duties to Melissa Prince and Stephanie McColm who curated until 2017. Presently, our current Blue Canoe team is working together to curate Viva Voce.

Since we are still social distancing, Viva Voce will take place on our social media

Stay tuned for our next Viva Voce!

Past Viva Voce: