Meet Our Curators

Melissa Prince- Viva Voce Curator

Melissa is a student at Queen’s University studying Stage and Screen as well as French. Melissa has been very involved in the theatre since her first year at Queen’s working as an actress, choreographer, set/paint design, costuming, and publicity. Melissa grew up very comfortable with the stage as she was a competitive dancer for 16 years and is now a qualified dance teacher, working with kids 6 - 16. This past summer Melissa worked as a camp counsellor at a Drama and Dance summer camp. The Kingston theatre community has given Melissa many opportunities, not only be a spectator to the amazing talent it holds as well as the opportunity to grow with it. 


Stephanie McColm- Viva Voce Curator

Stephanie is a Drama Major and Film Minor at Queen’s University. She has worked in many different positions including acting, directing, costumes and playwriting. Her passion in theatre began with Stage Craft Theatre School as a very young kid. She took advantage of every opportunity, although limited, when growing up in Whistler BC. Upon moving to Kingston she has become overwhelmed with the vast talent and opportunities and she looks forward to bringing this knowledge back home one day.