Frequently Asked Questions

How will Covid-19 impact Blue Canoe's programming?
Blue Canoe is committed to continuing to provide youth with arts opportunities, especially as an outlet for youth during these uncertain times. That said, we take the safety of the community very seriously and so participation will look a bit different during the pandemic. 

We are back to being in-person!

How do I Produce or Direct a show with Blue Canoe? 
If you are interested in directing with Blue Canoe, or producing, simply email to set up a meeting. Sometimes Blue Canoe programs ahead of time, but often if you pitch an idea, we'll work it into our plans!

How do I audition for Blue Canoe?
We hold open auditions to anyone ages 13-30 for ALL of our productions and events, this includes our stage productions, Viva Voce, Songs & Spirits, any summer musicals and events. Auditions are posted on our website, social media and sent out through email, so be sure you are following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you are on our email list and that you check back on our website! 

How do I get involved with Blue Canoe?
There are many ways to get involved, if you're looking to be in one of our shows we hold open auditions for every project we do. Get on our email list by emailing or filling out the email list form on the home page (be sure to check your promotions or junk folders!) or just keep checking back on our website for updates. You can also like us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates @BlueCanoePro.

Can I get paid through Blue Canoe?
The majority of our programming is volunteer, Blue Canoe is here for youth to gain experience in the arts. So for those 13-30 it doesn't cost anything to be involved either. However we do sometimes have special programs where we have funding for youth jobs or honorariums. We will also state that clearly on any event that has such offerings. 

Why is Blue Canoe for ages 13-30?
This age range is a nationally agreed upon range for a "youth," someone who is no longer considered a child but a teen or young adult. We try to give opportunities for those within this age range in Kingston in the arts, filling a gap that existed for years. 

Is the Musical Theatre Intensive a summer camp? Yes and No. It is a summer camp style project, we'll be working with those ages 8-17  for three weeks in the summer, and there is a fee for this program. But the idea of this program is for it not to be summer camp or babysitting. We want to share some knowledge of auditioning in our community and prepare the next generation to audition for Blue Canoe and other groups in Kingston. For more information on this program, check out the Summer Musical Intensive page or email Jainay at

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