Become a Patron

We want to give back to our donors for all of their contributions. To do this, Blue Canoe is launching a new program where participants can subscribe to an annual donation amount and receive rewards as a thank you for their support. Top tier rewards include and end of season gift, show tickets, a private thank you event and more! 

Patron rewards

The patron program offers donors a flexible tiered annual fee plan. Donors can choose how much they would like to donate annually ranging from $10-$100+ and will receive extra reward based on the amount they chose. Rewards include being listed on our website, an invitation to an exclusive event, show tickets and more!

How to Register

Using the dropdown menu below, select the amount you would like to donate each year. Once you have chosen the amount, click "Subscribe" which will open PayPal for payment details. If you are having any difficulties donating, please email

If you would like to unsubscribe from the patronage program, click "unsubscribe"

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